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TIA on December 2, 2016


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Announcement by Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport (TIA) appreciates and respects the issue of transparency over the provision of information with the public and the sensitivity of security issues at the Airport. Therefore, we would like to announce that we have provided to the competent authorities all materials and CCTV records that will reveal the events of 30th June 2016 in full and which came as a shock to all of us.

 With all due respect to the investigations, the image of Albania, all citizens and especially those under investigation who enjoy the presumption of innocence, we kindly ask for careful handling of the information submitted for disclosure or publishing. Documents revealed to the public are part of periodic audits undertaken at TIA, and have each received an appropriate analysis and respective action plan related to the dynamics of TIA operations. All documents delivered to the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority have been provided without hesitation to the competent authorities investigating the events of 30th June. In addition, TIA would prefer that all state entities comply with the ethics of confidentiality and obligations based on both written and unwritten laws.

 Further, TIA is very concerned about the official report of the State Police that contains, at the least, inaccurate reporting of the events. We would like to highlight that, in compliance with the obligations and responsibilities provided by the Concession Agreement, the Memorandum of Understanding with the State Police dated 06/09/2012 with reference no. 4613/2, and the National Civil Aviation Security Programme, TIA has duly observed the procedures for informing and reporting on the events to the police on time.

 Please note that the police were informed by TIA while the car carrying the thieves had not yet left the place of the incident. The authorities carrying out the investigation were provided with all the documents proving that the relevant information was provided by the TIA On-Duty Manager (ODM) to Rinas police operations centre. Furthermore, we would like to highlight that police officers were present in the airfield just a few metres from the place where the robbery took place. We consider this a necessary piece of information for purposes of accuracy.

 For the sake of clarity to the public and the involved state entities, we would like to bring to your attention that the company ICTS is responsible only for the provision of airport security services and neither replaces nor minimises the tasks and responsibilities of the State Police.


ICTS, as an international company that provides airport security services and that has been certificated continuously for several years by the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority, enjoys no right to intervene physically. ICTS security officers operate unarmed. The only armed force at the Airport is the State Police.

Meanwhile, the maintenance of public order and security in the territory outside the Airport fence crossed by the car, according to the law, is an entire and sole responsibility of the State Police forces. The State Police should provide patrols equipped with all means, including foot patrols, in all areas of the Airport in order to prevent any illegal incident or activity.

TIA remains at the disposal of the authorities carrying out the investigation into the events, ready to assist the discovery of the crime, not only with material evidence, but also with a determined will to find the culprits.

Furthermore, we would like to bring to your attention that national security is a joint responsibility of all the authorities charged with the task of providing security at the Airport and which are also present at the Airport. Should the intention of respective parties in this dangerous incident be the acquittal of those concerned, the consequences will be far more severe than the robbery. The Airport is for everybody.

 The company does not intend to compete with statements or make objections with entities that TIA considers are enshrined in the law. However, we are obliged to speak out with concern, while justifying respect for the investigation, having observed the bombardment of a company in the service of its passengers, businesses and the government of Albania.

 Tirana International Airport expresses its deepest regret for the occurrence that has shocked public opinion and the lives of hundreds of employees who have been committed to their job for more than a decade, noting that under these circumstances there has been a lack of words and a great amount of concern.

The Airport stands by the side of its employees in such difficult times, especially by the side of Mr Vangjel Nikolla, Director of Airport Services of TIA, recognised in the field of aviation for his contribution, professionalism and high degree of personal integrity.

 Tirana International Airport would like to assure all passengers and partners that the security measures at TIA are at the required levels of international standards, confirmed by top international bodies in the field of aviation.

 We remain confident that the relevant authorities and media will fully appreciate the accuracy of information we have provided and the importance of this accuracy to all the citizens of Albania.

Published by

TIA on December 2, 2016


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