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Greece removes entry restrictions for Albanian travelers with biometric passports

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TIA on June 21, 2021


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Travel to Greece of persons residing in Albania and biometric passports are still allowed.

One of the following criteria is required for all Tirana International Airport passengers traveling to Greece:

1) COVID test, or

2) a testimony that the person has passed

3) or vaccination certificate (vaccination with known vaccines as below)

Specifically, the popular vaccines to travel to Greece are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and Johnson & amp; Johnson. Two doses of vaccine are required for biometric passports, at least 14 days from the last dose or one dose of Johnson & amp; Johnson, 14 days from dose. For passengers entering Greece, a pre-flight test (PCR test - no earlier than 72 hours before the flight, or antigen test, not earlier than 48 hours before the flight) is still in force. p>

Fully vaccinated travelers with one of the mentioned vaccines or cured (not less than 60 days after cure and not more than 9 months after the infection has passed), who possess a document proving vaccination or cure, in hard copy or digital version, it is not necessary to present a negative test at the time of entry from Albania to Greece.

This document must be in the following languages: Formulated in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian.

Digital travel registration (PLF) 24 hours prior to travel is mandatory. Please find the form at this link:

Passengers will receive a QR code which will be used by the Greek Civil Protection to identify the Random Covid-19 test upon arrival. Families can also be accepted with just one joint PLF confirmation email and can also be accepted with their unique PFL / QR code.

Passengers must be able to demonstrate to the authorities the QR code in electronic or printed form upon arrival in Greece.

Children over 12 years old must have a test.

We wish only good luck and health to the family members who reunite after so long.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Tirana International Airport

Published by

TIA on June 21, 2021


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