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PCR Testing Center for departing passengers at Tirana International Airport


There is the possibility to do a PCR test at Tirana International Airport. To have a Covid-19 PCR test, kindly should follow the steps below.

1. Please come at the airport three hours before your flight
2. Please wait for the results of your test 60 minutes
3. The Covid-19 PCR test it will be submitted to you in English
4. The costs of PCR test is 35 Euro
5. The Testing Center PCR is 24-hours service

The Antibody test (blood test), used to determine whether passengers have had the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection before, and the Antigen test, used to determine whether the individual is still sick, cannot be taken at this centre.

Where Can I Get Tested?

The tests are done directly at Tirana International Airport, at the Test Centre located outside the Arrivals area. Passengers who have PCR are not sent to any hospitals for the procedures, the tests are concluded in laboratories established at Tirana International Airport.