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To the attention of the passengers who travel to United Kingdom


Please be informed that from 04:00hrs on Friday 15 January 2021, passengers travelling to the United Kingdom must have a valid negative COVID-19 test result, taken no more than three days before the scheduled time of departure.

This shall be checked at departure airports and passengers without test certificate, or a positive test result, or an invalid certificate shall be refused boarding.

A valid test result must be from a PCR test or another highly reliable test for detecting COVID-19 and it must show the test was taken within three days of beginning the flight.

Please note that passengers with valid negative tests that they will be still required to quarantine for ten days on arrival to United Kingdom.

Children under the age of 11 are an exempt from the requirement and are not required to complete pre-departure testing.

Test certificate: The test certificate will be available in English, French and Spanish from the outset. Evidence of certificate can be via hard copy or digital means.

The Ministerial statement in full is on this link https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-statements/detail/2021-01-11/hcws696?fbclid=IwAR1fAeVaJQ4M6yJcECIPbpIWxkb6-cxfghfo2ZvoERrKrWaI81-TkuNGUtQhttps://questions-statements.parliament.uk/.../hcws696

These measures will be in place until further notice from the UK Government.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Tirana International Airport