• 18:00Athens / Athine - A3 973
  • 18:50London Luton - W9 4472
  • 18:55Bologna/Bolonje - ZB 2005
  • 19:40Torino - W6 6603
  • 20:30Bergamo - ZB 2007

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Update 14 - Coronavirus

As of 23th of March, all flights are suspended, expect for Air Albania which remains operational to and from Istanbul.

Following on the situation caused by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), according to Albanian Civil Aviation Authority, all flights as of 23th of March 2020, are suspended until further notice. Air Albania remains active with flights to and from Istanbul.

“Tirana International Airport remains open to humanitarian flights, repatriation flights, cargo and all flights that are needed to overcome this great challenge for all of us.” said the Chief Executive Officer of Tirana International Airport, Dr. Constantin von Alvensleben.

Tirana International Airport advises the passengers to contact the airline or the tour operator for further information.

Thanks for your cooperation,
Tirana International Airport