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Tirana, 5 June 2020 - This year, the World Environment day celebration was marked by a joint activity inspired by this year’s motto: Together we can act #For Nature. The activity brought together Airport stakeholders and bordering local authorities to clean up and remove the waste along the roads beside the Airport perimeter fence and from illegal dumps alongside nearby rivers.

The project was part of the studies and activities undertaken by TIA with the aim of maintaining a clean neighborhood without waste, and maintaining and controlling a natural landscape to balance safe operations, wildlife control and quality of ecosystems and community life in the area around the Airport.

The cleaning activities took place for more than ten kilometers in the area adjoining the Airport perimeter fence, along the bordering roads and in the villages.

Also activities are taken up to the river and road villages areas where waste dumping hot spots were identified, in a radius of five kilometers from the Airport.

More than 60 staff from TIA participated in the activity, along with its subcontractors Kurti 07, Fjona 2006, FMS, and staff from the municipal administrative unit of Nikel, using waste vehicles, excavators, trucks and a technological waste truck.

This TIA partnership initiative with Kruja Municipality and businesses operating in the local communities will keep on running for the foreseeable future until a sustainable solution is found for a clean environment and restoration of healthy ecosystems and biodiversity, which are fundamental to human existence.

This voluntary activity was carried out on 5 June 2020.