• 18:00Athens / Athine - A3 973
  • 18:50London Luton - W9 4472
  • 18:55Bologna/Bolonje - ZB 2005
  • 19:40Torino - W6 6603
  • 20:30Bergamo - ZB 2007

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Message from Chief Executive Officer of Tirana International Aiport, Dr. Constantin von Alvensleben


My message to you is that in these days we should do what our common sense tells us. We should take care of ourselves and be responsible. This is not the time to travel, it is also not the time to party and to go out. These days will come back. For the moment we need to stop the virus, or to limit the spreading of the virus. Even if some of us feel strong and young, others are more in danger. The fun will come back after this is over. Until then we need to be reasonable and patient.


For Nene Teresa Airport it is a situation which has not happened before. Only weeks ago we were at the limit of our capacity, with 65 turnarounds per day. Now we have one or two. It is a crises not only for the passengers, it is a crises for the whole airport community, for TIA’s 600  employees, the twenty airlines operating here, the operators of cafes and shops, our service providers etc. etc. No one of us has experienced such a traffic dip before. And nobody knows how long it will take for the virus to go away and to restore the traffic volume we had before.


In this situation there is only one solution: to cooperate as well as possible to overcome the pandemic, and then to work on the recovery. We have an excellent team here at the airport, it is a community that holds together. We shall stay together until it is over! And then work on coming back stronger.


In the meantime, our Airport will not be closed. We have a remaining daily passenger to Istanbul by Air Albania, we have cargo flights, and we remain open and operational for any other flights which are needed in this situation. We are here for you and for Albania. Stay safe and healthy!