• 18:00Athens / Athine - A3 973
  • 18:50London Luton - W9 4472
  • 18:55Bologna/Bolonje - ZB 2005
  • 19:40Torino - W6 6603
  • 20:30Bergamo - ZB 2007

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TIA, Airfield Rehabilitation “Airfield 2020” Begins


Tirana International Airport (TIA) has begun one of its most important projects—"Airfield 2020"—involving rehabilitation of the runway and taxiways facilitating improved aircraft movement across the airfield.

The project will be implemented over several phases. Taxiways W and B, part of the first phase, are currently undergoing reconstruction, to a length of some 1.5 km, in compliance with the requirements and standards for the aircraft expected to operate at TIA next year.

A width of 45m for the taxiways is designed to both national and international standards and regulations for Category E aircraft and the taxiways will be equipped with new drainage and lighting systems.

Alongside the restructuring of the airfield, TIA will continue to operate as normal and even with flights to new destinations: tomorrow, 19 December 2019, the low-cost carrier Wizz Air will start operations on its Tirana–Vienna route.

The Tirana–Vienna flight will take place three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Reservation for these flights can be made online at W!zz Air or through travel agencies.