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Tirana International Airport donates EUR 1 Million for Albania’s earthquake relief


Tirana, 29 November 2019 - Tirana International Airport (TIA) announced today that it has allocated EUR 1 million to bolster relief assistance for people affected by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck near Durres and Tirana on 26 November.

The earthquake has, up to now, caused 49 fatalities and 750 injuries. Hundreds of people are unable to return to their damaged or destroyed homes and aftershocks continue. While the government and first responders are working tirelessly to deliver life-saving aid, the needs remain colossal.

“Tirana International Airport and China Everbright Limited express their highest condolences for the loss of life from this tragedy and our heartfelt prayers go to every Albanian that is suffering during these sad days,” said the Chairman of TIA’s Administrative Council, Mr Richard Hu, on behalf of China Everbright Limited.

“Given the scale and complexity of this emergency, the Airport will support with a EUR 1 million fund the Government of Albania to help respond to the key priorities identified by the Government and assist the people in need,” Mr Hu added.

Thousands of people are affected, more than 1,200 others were evacuated in Thumanë, Tiranë, Durrës, Krujë and Lezhë according to Ministry of Defence and4000 are homeless. Aftershocks continue to rock the region and rescuers are still looking for people in the rubble of collapsed buildings in Thumane and Durres.

TIA staff have organised a team of volunteers that are assisting the people sheltered in the camps that have been set up, and have successfully managed the operations around military flights bringing in humanitarian aid through the Airport. These operations are running smoothly.