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TIA staff donate blood for children with thalassaemia


On 5 June, 2019, the staff of Tirana International Airport participated in a voluntary blood donation campaign for children with thalassaemia. Staff were scrutinised prior to giving blood to ensure that the blood was collected from healthy donors.

The monthly campaign—Safe Blood For All—is taking place in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the National Blood Transfusion Centre, with the aim of collecting sufficient supplies of blood for children with thalassaemia in the country.

"We all share with those who need help. Donating blood is a wonderful service for humankind, and may very well save a precious life! We are pleased to participate in the campaign Safe Blood For All, initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection," said the Chief Executive Officer of TIA, Dr Rolf Castro-Vasquez.

TIA is actively involved in many social initiatives, especially in helping children in need. By collaborating with World Vision and the Down’s Syndrome Association, TIA is pledging itself to assist unprivileged children with significant support and raising awareness in society for us to help as much as we all can.