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Announcement by Tirana International Airport


Tirana International Airport (TIA) expresses its deepest regret for the events of yesterday, 9 April, 2019, in which a large quantity of money was stolen while on the Airport's apron.

TIA will respect the investigations carried out by the appropriate authorities and as a result of that respect has not make any announcement so far on the events of yesterday, given their sensitivity and the issue of the security of the life of the passengers, Airport staff and Albanian State employees operating at the Airport.

The Airport notes with great concern the official statement of the Ministry of Interior, in which it seems that TIA's ethics have been criticised, for a second time, to misinform the public. Once again it is being blamed for such events, a heavy charge that ought not rest on the shoulders of a foreign concessionaire, which rejects charges of lack of responsibility for airport security.

Tirana International Airport, in appreciating the issue of transparency with regard to the provision of information to the public, would like to announce that it has provided to the competent authorities all materials and CCTV records that will reveal the events of 9 April, 2019.

It has been correct in fulfilling its obligations with regard to these events and has in a very timely way informed the Rinas Police Commissariat following all relevant rules and procedures. Meanwhile, the investigation authorities have been provided with all the required documents, including the notification made to the Rinas Police Operational Unit.

TIA, in cooperation with the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority, has over the past three years, following the first such occurrence at the Airport, taken additional measures and taken to a higher level its CCTV system and boundary fence.

The Airport is subject to periodic audits undertaken by the Civil Aviation Authority and by other third parties. We kindly highlight once again that police forces are present throughout the border area. It is their legal duty to maintain order and safeguard the lives of citizens in events such as this armed incident.

TIA kindly requests that any information regarding security issues submitted for disclosure or publishing is handled with great care, as otherwise this might pose an additional risk.

The Airport once again expresses all due respect to the current investigations, and for each and every citizen and every police officer. We emphasise that, where national security and the lives of citizens are concerned, we are all on the same side.

The Airport is not Chinese; it belongs to the Albanians, is part of the territory of this country, and is protected by law of this state through the State Police. We therefore consider the official statement of the Ministry of Interior as inaccurate.

Once again, we emphasise that, pursuant to the obligations of the Concession Agreement, and in compliance with the National Civil Aviation Security Programme, TIA has fully and correctly implemented the procedure of timely notification of the police.

Tirana International Airport remains at the disposal of passengers and the general public for any further information it is able to provide.