• 03:15Sabiha Gokcen Intl. - PC 284
  • 04:25Vienna / Vjene - OS 850
  • 05:30Rome Fiumicino - AZ 507
  • 06:00Milan Malpensa - W6 6607
  • 06:05Pisa / Piza - W6 3853

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TIA: Music and flights in one day


TIA: Music and flights in one day


24 November 2018 - Tirana International Airport, in cooperation with Albanian Excellence, organised on the Airport premises a special concert given by 20 Albanian musicians who live in different countries around the world.

These virtuoso instrumentalists are part of the Albanian Orchestra of Excellence, which was presented for the first time on the premises of the Airport, a symbolic meeting place where artists and other travellers come together from around the globe.

The orchestra, under the direction of Fatos Qerimaj, and with the soprano Dëshira Ahmeti Kërliu, scattered the sounds of excellence around the Airport, which carried on with its normal operations.

This activity follows on from the initiative The Airport Is You, promoted by TIA with the intention of bringing people closer to the Airport in an atmosphere where everyone feels part of this symbolic place, where one meets the well-known and the unknown passing through it, traveling onwards or being welcomed against a background of art, creativity, architecture, social issues and good communication.


The Airport Is You