• 18:00Athens / Athine - A3 973
  • 18:50London Luton - W9 4472
  • 18:55Bologna/Bolonje - ZB 2005
  • 19:40Torino - W6 6603
  • 20:30Bergamo - ZB 2007

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Press Statement



Tirana International Airport (TIA) supports any initiative that aims to stimulate the economic development of the country, including the establishing of airports that enable a freer movement of Albanian citizens, as well as foreigners wishing to visit Albania.

The Agreement signed with the Albanian government in 2016 for the liberalisation of flights has demonstrated TIA’s full will for the construction and operation of new airports in Albania, and TIA remains supportive of such development.

Last year, TIA served 2.6 million passengers and the Company remains committed to serving its customers through the invaluable support of its employees and third parties who dedicate themselves to providing passengers with a safe and enjoyable journey.

TIA will continue to contribute, as it has done so far, to the development of the economy of the country, and the promotion of its image, as well as Albanian values. The Company supports the fields of education and people in need, playing as it does an important role in the employment of citizens locally and the improvement of the quality of life in the vicinity of the Airport, operating as it does in compliance with European standards.

TIA wishes success to any investment in the field of Albanian aviation and in any other field that leads to the flourishing of Albania.