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TIA publishes the 11th Environment and Social Bulletin





During 2017, Tirana International Airport (TIA) reviewed its Environmental Policy, reconfirming that: The guidelines of our actions are the integration of sustainability principles into our business processes and decision making by adopting measures to conserve natural resources and energy and protect ecosystems in order to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits from continued growth of the Airport.


TIA, in recognising the importance of maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment in its environs, Albania and beyond, has continued implementation of its environmental programmes on natural resource management, including energy use, integrated waste management and environmental awareness.


As part of the European airport industry response to the challenge of climate change, and in recognition of the efforts made to manage energy optimisation and reduce CO2 emissions, TIA successfully attained accreditation for the third successive year for Level II Reduction, issued by the Airports Council International for Europe.


Last year, TIA consumed five percent less energy than in 2011, and at the same time served 20 percent more passengers.


While encouraging the use of environmentally responsible practices among its employees, business partners and community, TIA has continued implementation of the Reuse–Reduce–Recycle programme through the concept of waste separation at source, in order to optimise recycling and reduce environmental impacts.


In this regard the collection infrastructure and waste inventory documentation have been improved, a new Plan for Environmental Management of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) established, and awareness-raising activities and guidelines provided to tenants and third parties.


Furthermore, TIA and its subcontractors continue to provide for solid waste collection and other activities at the Rexhe Deliu School in Rinas. Last week the Airport and its partners supported student actions in the frame of the initiative Let’s Clean Albania.


TIA’s environmental performance—including objectives, programmes, monitoring results and achievements—continue to be published in its Environmental and Social Bulletin, now in its 11th edition.