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Business Lounge

The new design of the Business Lounge creates a stopping point for passengers to enjoy, relax, and experience a tiny visual representation of Albania that integrates tradition into the modern, while you are walking around in the lounge, you can experience an “exhibition” of Albanian folklore. The lounge is open with COVID-19 measures in place.


If you  want to avoid a crowded terminal, the Tirana Airport Business Lounge is a prefect relaxing  place to wait before your flight, taking advantage of the refreshments, hot and cold meals served in accordance to the current safety restrictions.


The working dedicated area gives you the opportunity to catch up on work and keep in touch with your office, with free and fast internet access, comfortable seating.


It is situated  on the 2nd the floor within Passenger Terminal on the Departure side.


The Lounge is open to all frequent flyer customers and eligible guests for at least one hour before the first flight departure and until the last flight departure from TIA